Phone and call costs

Phone and call costs

You will find that call costs can vary considerably between providers. Some will offer you deals where expensive calls such as 0845 numbers become significantly cheaper, or even free. Your own phone call requirements are obviously important, so checking tariff details is vital. There are many packages available and they often include some kind of offer on weekend calls; although many deals will look similar, it is important to make sure that the tariff will suit you.

Calls to 09 numbers are usually very expensive and should generally be avoided, and the many variations of 08 numbers are not cheap either. Check with your provider about the cost of these calls if you think that they will be a common occurrence for you.

Mobile calls can be expensive, so you may want to ask your provider about an add-on or deal that would make this cheaper. It is better to restrict mobile calls to a mobile phone deal that you have; many mobile providers offer free any time any network calls with your mobile, which is the best option for regular mobile communication.

If you think your current tariff is too high then you may be better off switching your home phone provider. This is fairly easy, but you need to check that you are not tied into a contract. Compare tariffs and providers in order to find the one that is best suited to your needs.

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