How to Switch Landline Or Calls Provider

How to Switch Landline Or Calls Provider

If you are unsatisfied with your current provider, or simply fancy a change, it's easy to switch and the new provider will be more than happy to have your custom.  According to Ofcom, there are millions of households that have never even changed provider, but the process is simple.

Contract - The first thing to check is your option to switch; you may be tied into a contract with your current provider, but this does not necessarily mean you cannot switch, only that you may have to pay a charge. Check the details of your contract with your provider (and this may mean checking out terms and conditions).

Compare and choose - You should carefully examine the options for a new home phone package; there are loads of deals out there and most providers will look to offer you plenty of choice regarding plans and tariffs. Switching provider is so easy that the providers will usually work hard to offer something that will make you want to keep the service. Check out the tariffs and pick something that is tailored to your needs.

Contact provider - Once you have decided which home phone provider you would like to use, you can contact the relevant service to check the procedure. If you have used a comparison website to place the order then you can make the call afterwards. The time that it takes to switch can be around 14 days, but sometimes more; however, if you are concerned then simply contact the provider with any questions. If you change your mind you can usually do so up until the activation.

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