How to Cut Costs

How to Cut Costs

There are plenty of providers offering great value home phone packages and deals, but there a few easy steps that you can take in order to further minimise your costs.  Following these few simple pointers will add up to a great saving on your monthly bill, and help you to continue keeping costs down in the future.  Everyone loves a saving!

Comparison site

People are often happy to simply stick with their current provider, without actually shopping around for a better deal.  It’s easy to think that keeping everything the same is the best, hassle-free option, but you can find a much better deal at the touch of a button, and you may also find a package and service that is tailor-made to your needs.  The best way to examine the options quickly, efficiently and effectively is to use a comparison website; these sites are quick and easy to use, and will provide you with the option of actually specifying your personal requirements.  If you trawl through each individual site for the best deal then it will certainly be tedious and time-consuming, so let someone else do the work for you!

The results from your search will be arranged in a user-friendly format, and without any bias.  Comparison sites are there as an online shopper’s price and service search tool, designed specifically to provide you with options that would suit your budget and personal requirements.  Make the most of this excellent innovation, because it is there to benefit you.


Your current landline provider is not necessarily fixed, and you may have the option of switching.  If you own the home then the choice is yours, but if you are renting you may need the landlord’s permission.  It is a good idea to investigate this because a change of landline provider may actually be financially beneficial to you.

You don’t have to accept any decline in service; if you rent a landline from a recognised provider then you can expect quality.  Check out the different landline prices, but don’t forget to check if you’re current provider throws in a sneaky disconnection charge.  You may be tied into a contract, and this would likely result in a fee for switching.  You should also make sure that an attractive line rental offer from a new provider does not involve hidden charges that negate the benefit of switching.

Bundle deals

One of the best ways to save money is to take up a bundle deal.  Providers obviously want you to choose them for absolutely everything, and the easiest way to achieve this is through offering savings as an incentive.  You will often find that there is a discount for taking out several different services with one provider, and that the total cost of the bill also works out cheaper.


Most people will agree that reading phone tariffs is about as fun as poking yourself in the eye, and almost as painful.  However, it can be surprisingly beneficial to make the effort and examine exactly the amount of money your chosen tariff will end up costing.  Different providers may offer deals on things like free evening and weekend calls, free calls to certain mobiles, free calls to certain 08 numbers or cheap prices on international calls.  Try to take the time out to check whether your provider offers a tariff that suits you, and if this isn’t the case then you could enquire about alternative tariffs, or even check out other providers.

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